May 28th 2021

28 mei 2021

Maine Coon Cattery Chriscoon


Results from the Felis Brittanica Award 2012:

                           Chriscoon Don Te Quiero

                          Best Adult Male category II

                          Best Adult Overall Winner

                          I am soooo proud

Racoones Resort Elan,

1st day on show: Ex1

2n day on show: Ex1

Chriscoon Don Te Quiero

1st day: Biv, nom Bis

2nd day: Biv, nom Bis

September 1st,

Chriscoon Dekyi was on his first show too. And he became Ex1.

I am so proud. Thank you Jolande for showing him.

Schiedam September 15th 2013

Kachina: Ex1, BIV, nom BIS, BIS

Elan on WW 2013

EX1, BIV and nom BIS

His father also BIV and nom BIS Chriscoon Don Te Quiero

WW 2013 Aalborg Denmark

3rd best kitten of 2013

RMC award

September 14th 2014

Show Schiedam

Racoones Resort Kachina became

CAC, BIV. Now she is Champion

Chriscoon Die Another Day

EX1 and Nom BIS on her first fife show in Groningen. 5 months old

Chriscoon Die Another Day

Fife show Gorredijk 14-06-2015

Ex1 and NOM BIS

Zmatrixu Kevlar,

Fife show Gorredijk 14-06-2015

Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS and BIS (all votes)

Chriscoon China Girl

Ch Chriscoon Die Another Day

Chirscoon litter. Parents:

Chriscoon Gin Daisy x Zmatrixu Kevlar

Zmatrixu Kevlar, Racoones Resort Kachina and Racoones Resort Elan HCM tested again. All very good results for ultrasound HCM. November 2018

Chriscoon Dona Solana, Dona Belicia and Dona Esperanza

Chriscoon Gin Daisy

Denis met Chriscoon Cher en Sonja met Chriscoon Catania

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