7 beautiful kittens were born.

I am so proud of these beautiful baby’s

More info soon

pedigree of the kittenshttps://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&v=fi&ids=3:1250786;2:1250784&g=4&p=mco&o=ajgrep

Kittens of Die Another Day

parents tested completely

look for more information on their on pages

Die Another Day (mother)


Zmatrixu Kevlar (father)

1. Chriscoon Dona Solana      Female  Reserved

Red tabby/white

2. Chriscoon Dona Evita          Female Reserved

Red tabby/white

  1. 3.Chriscoon Dona Esmeralda  Female  Reserved

Black torbi

4. Chriscoon Dona Romina      Female Reserved

Red tabby/white

5. Chriscoon Dona Lela           Female  Reserved

Red tabby/white

6. Chriscoon Dona Esperanza Female  Reserved

Blue torbi/white

7. Chriscoon Dona Belicia        Female  Reserved

Black torbi/white

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Chriscoon Die Another Day

Zmatrixu Kevlar (CZ)